iSki Tracker

iSki Tracker: iSki Tracker – record, compare and analyse your ski data

Smart, smarter, the smartest:

iSki Tracker is the sensation of this winter season. This innovative app for Apple and Android devices is now available for free download from the stores.

The smartphone in your pocket will track and record your ski day. You then may analyse the data or share it with friends and other athletes.

  • Total kilometres skied
  • Altitude difference (up and down)
  • Speed (maximum, average)
  • Altitude profile
  • Total time
  • Lift rides
  • Position

Exact data

  • High accuracy by GPS tracking
  • Exact positioning in the skiing area
  • Visual presentation of data on your personal card
  • Pictures taken with the smartphone`s camera are geotagged

Who has skied the most during the day?

In order to use all the advantages of this new iSki Tracker, you only have to register on our homepage.

Free installation – no roaming charges

The iSki Tracker app is free for users to download. Tracking is done via GPS, i.e. no roaming charges for the user.

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