The perfect slope

...or how you get it!

Perfect slopes are the result of a hard working staff during the night hours while the skiers sleep and dream of their best turns. At the first part of the season they look after the modern snow-making-system including pump-houses and cannons beside grooming. The system starts automatically if conditions allow - but it has to be checked and observed all time.

Piste-machine drivers are well trained an start with their job after the closing time of the slopes at about 4:00 pm. Their groomers are equipped with lastest technologies like snow-deph-measuring-system and GPS which helps to place the optimal amount of snow in the right position.
For very steep slopes, a piste machine with a cable winch is used for pulling. If the weather forecast pedicts snow the groomers start at about 2:00 am and finish their work short time before the opening hours to provide skiing conditions as good as possible.