Winter Paradise at Grossglockner

Winter Fun Off Piste

Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Ski Resort Boasts A Wide Variety Of Possibilities

More than 40 snow-covered peaks. Immaculate blue sky, sparkling untouched snow. And you are part of all this! There is a lot to discover off piste at Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Ski Resort. Winter holidays without skis and snowboard? No problem in the Carinthian Alps!

To glide along the snow. This is a wonderful feeling. But you don't need equipment for that. Only your feet and lots of snow? So Großglockner is the ideal place for you: you will find numerous x-country trails and hiking tours at the foot of the mountain.

Two x-country trails in the valley and hiking trails. The winter hiking trails are also very interesting and spectacular. Five trails lead you through the authentic countryside of Großglockner.


X-Country Skiing in Heiligenblut at Grossglockner

Follow The Most Beautiful Tracks

The sun transforms our perfectly groomed tracks to white sparkling carpets. You are getting ready and you inhale the fresh and clear air. OK. Ready, steady. Go! Off  across our magic winter wonderland.

Two x-country tracks in the valley and a high-alpine track at 2, 200m are at your disposal. Mount Großglockner is your permanent bodyguard as you glide through the Carinthian Mountains.

A tip: You are not a x-country pro yet! Book a course at Großglockner/Heiligenblut snow sports school to get perfect advice. Get private lessons and let your instructor show you how to synchronize body, nature and rhythm.


Winter Hiking at Großglockner Ski Resort

Enjoy Hiking In A Magic Winter Wonderland

The network of winter hiking trails in Heiligenblut comprises five selected tours and covers every level of difficulty.
No matter if you choose Gripperalm hike or Kasereck panorama trail – a perfect winter adventure is guaranteed.
You want to reach peaks in winter and off-piste? So, follow the trail step by step to Schareck at 2, 600m. Once up the mountain you will be rewarded with an unmatched view of 40 mountains higher than 3,000m.


Winter Hiking Trails at Großglockner

Kaiserin-Elisabeth-hike to Gipperalm

  • Kaiserin-Elisabeth-hike to Gipperalm
  • trail: approx. 5 km, 320 vertical metres

Hiking Tour Apriacher Almen

  • duration: approx. 4 hrs. (variety: panoramic view)
  • trail: approx. 6 to 7 km, 300 vertical metres

Peak Adventure Schareck

  • duration: approx. 30 mins (round-trip)
  • trail: approx. 600 m, 20 vertical metres


Alpine Village Heiligenblut Tour

  • duration: approx. 1 h (round-trip)
  • trail: approx. 2 km, 50 vertical metres

Natura Mystica Kachlmoor Path

  • duration: approx. 1.5 hrs (round-trip)
  • trail: approx. 3 km, 100 vertical metres

Tip: The snow cover is too thick, and you sink into the snow with your winter shoes? Get snowshoes and enjoy marvellous hikes through the pristine countryside of Hohe Tauern National Wild Reserve. This way of walking will soon get a challenging sport!

Winter pleasure and skiing fun only on the pistes? Not at Großglockner! There is a lot to discover off piste.