Einen perfekten Skitag mit der ganzen Familie im Skigebiet Hinterstoder genießen. Skispaß für Groß und Klein ist garantiert. | © TVB Roebl
Perfectly prepared
for the ski slopes

Hinterstoder Ski School and Ski Rental

Learn How to Ski and Rent the Equipment

Your winter holidays are just around the corner? That’s great! If you need ski lessons or equipment, then Hinterstoder is THE place to go - the ski resort’s wide service offer includes one ski school and two ski rentals.

Stodertal Snow Sports School

Fit for the ski slopes in no time with individual ski lessons

Skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, snowshoeing: we all know that learning is easier when it’s fun! That’s also true for winter holidays in Hinterstoder. Our professional ski instructors love their job and their lessons are fun!

Do you want to enjoy the winter to the fullest? And you want to ski the slopes like an expert? Well, Stodertal Snow Sports School offers lessons for all levels and ages! Learn more about the various offers and ski rental in Hinterstoder  ...


Skivergnügen für kleine Skihaserl in Hinterstoder auf höchster Stufe | © Oberoesterreich Tourismus GmbH, David Lugmayr
Das Skifahren von den Besten der Besten in der Wintersportschule Stodertal lernen.
Auch die kleinen Gäste können ihr Können im Skigebiet Hinterstoder beweisen. | © OÖT, David Lugmayr
Im Sunny Kids Park erlernen die kleinen Skihaserl spielerisch das Fahren auf Skiern.  | © Oberoesterreich Tourismus Gmbh, David Lugmayr

The Two Ski Rentals in Hinterstoder

Winter sports equipment by Intersport Rent

Your car is too small for all the winter sports equipment? Or are you just curious about the new ski and snowboard models? Hinterstoder is home to two ski rentals offering first-class equipment at fair prices. Whether skiing, snowboarding or freeriding, Intersport and Sport2000 right at  Hinterstoder valley station are looking forward to your visit!

All Addresses at a Glance

Ski schools & Ski rentals

Wintersportschule Stodertal
Heinrich Jansenberger
4573 Hinterstoder 5
PH: +43 (0) 7564-20600

Intersport Pachleitner
4573 Hinterstoder 5
PH. +43 (0) 7564-5205

Sport2000 Huber
4573 Hinterstoder 15
PH: +43 (0) 7564-5271