Hinterstoder in Summer

Pyhrn-Priel Region - very close to nature

Lush meadows, the scent of fresh alpine herbs, and peace and quiet on the mountain top. Moments like these make an ordinary summer extraordinary! Hinterstoder in summer is packed with such experiences. It is easy to enjoy and relax with so many outdoor activities to explore in pristine landscape – promised!
Whether by foot, by bike, on the mountain or up high: you will have a really good time in Hinterstoder! The reflection of the mountains in the deep blue lakes. Always towered by mountains such as Hinterstoder’s local mountain Kleine Priel. A short stop along the way at one of the many traditional mountain huts. What more could you ask for?

Are you planning to spend your holiday at Höss Mountain in Hinterstoder? Here some tips for your summer getaway in the Pyhrn-Priel region?


Eine traumhafte Vogelperspektive erwartet euch beim Paragleiten.
refreshing after hiking in the lake in Hinterstoder
Ein atemberaubender See- und Bergblick erwartet euch in Hinterstoder.
Sommer ist gleich Bikesaison. In Hinterstoder gibt es zahlreiche Routen, die perfekt für Mountainbiker geeignet sind.  | © Roland Haschka
Beim Sommerrodeln in Hinterstoder kommt der Spaß für die ganze Familie auf keinen Fall zu kurz.
Auf den Bergen in Hinterstoder ist ein traumhafter Ausblick auf die umliegende Landschaft garantiert.
Der Panoramaturm am Wurbauerkogel in Hinterstoder | © Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Hinterstoder in summer?

Five good reasons to visit Hinterstoder!

Reason 1: Unmatched mountain scenery!

Reason 2: 600 km of hiking trails – meaning 600 km of athletic pleasure!

Reason 3: climbing, mountain biking, paragliding: there is more to Hinterstoder in summer than hiking!
Reason 4: MORE holiday with the various summer lift tickets such as Pyhrn-Priel-Card!

Reason 5: You are only a short hop from Wurzeralm and Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten!




These Hinterstoder Lifts Are Open In Summer

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