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Off the Hinterstoder Pistes

About Winter Paragliding and X-Country Skiing …

For those who want more than skiing, Hinterstoder has a lot to offer! The “pearl of the Alps” does not only attract skiers and snowboarders but also paragliders, x-country skiers and winter hikers. Learn more about the off-piste offers in Hinterstoder …

Paragliding Hinterstoder in the Winter

High up to the Sky ...

The precipice is coming closer and closer, only a few metres and then: takeoff! – absolute freedom, a feeling once experienced you do not want to miss again. Tension, adrenaline, thrill: paragliding is definitely one of the most inspiring types of sports.  

Whether as tandem passenger or self-confident flyer, paragliding in Hinterstoder is very special! Look forward to a bird’s eye view of the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region.

Learn more about paragliding in Hinterstoder in the summer and about launch and landing sites!  


Four Rules for Safe and Sustainable Flying

Ready for soaring above Hinterstoder? Before takeoff you have to observe a few important principles – for the flyer’s safety, but also to sustain the flying territory and the local wildlife.

These four rules should be observed by all air sports athletes:

  1. Takeoff at the training grounds is only permitted for athletes with paragliding certificate, valid insurance and licenced paraglider. Or: officially approved foreign licence.
  2. Takeoff and landing only allowed in designated areas; absolutely no landing at Hutterer Böden (mid-station) and on ski slopes. Moreover: keep to minimum safe altitude, so not to disturb skiers and lift service.
  3. Tandem pilots and holders of training certificates have to register with the flight school before takeoff. Commercial flights and trainings need prior written approval.
  4. Weißenbachtal/SW-Kante is an absolute no-fly zone to protect the wildlife. Flying and deep soaring is legally prohibited. 

Did you know that there are two launching sites – north and west – and landing site on the big lawn next to the municipal office. For more information please visit Hinterstoder Flight School. Looking for a suitable lift ticket? It’s a good thing that Hinterstoder offers special winter tickets for paragliders! 

SNOWSHOE TRAILs Hinterstoder


Choose to explore Wurzeralm snowshoe trail on your own or with an experienced guide – either way you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views, fresh air and invigorating exercise.


Please note: With the Höss-Kabinenbahn you can easily reach Trail No.1 at the middle station. The Trail No.2 can only  be reached with the chairlift Höss -Express,  a transport with the double chairlift Hösskogel is NOT  possible without ski or board.

Tip: The snowshoe trail folder contains a detailed location plan, information about the cheap combination price and many other useful information about snowshoe hiking.

The folder is also available at all checkouts and
available free of charge at the tourist offices!

X-Country Skiing

THE Alternative to Skiing

Whether in the valley or up high: x-country skiers love the two Hinterstoder x-country skiing trails!

High-altitude x-country skiing trail Hutterer Böden

In the heart of Hinterstoder ski resort, but not on the slope? Yes, that’s possible! Hutterer Böden high-alpine trail starts right at the mid-station. This snow-sure trail runs along Almboden to Edtbauernalm and back again. The trails for classic and skating style run through soft terrain, boasting stunning views of Höss Mountain! Take the toll road or the six-person gondola to the trail start.

Did you know there is a 2-km winter hiking trail starting at the mid-station? Contact the team in Hinterstoder and explore the landscape by foot!



X-Country Skiing in Hinterstoder

Hinterstoder boasts 25 kilometres of classic style trails and eleven of skating style. The x-country ski trail leads along the river Steyr from the village to Baumschlagerreith at the end of the valley.

Meadows, forests, rivers and the tops of Tote Gebirge Mountains – fantastic view all along the trails! Look forward to Hinterstoder high-alpine x-country trail! Find out which of the 25 km are groomed right now!


Winter Holiday Tips for Pyhrn-Priel

More Winter Holidays

Care for more holiday tips? This is what makes winter in Hinterstoder unforgettable!