Im Skigebiet erwartet euch ein traumhafter Panoramablick auf die umliegende Berglandschaft.  | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.
Safety first!
Rules for borderless skiing

Rules of Conduct at Hochficht

For your own safety on the mountain

Did you know that you have to take your ID card with you when skiing? Only use the edge of the piste when walking up or down the piste? For your own safety and those who share your winter experience it is indispensable to know the rules of conduct on the pistes and to respect them.

Please note: Always respect  the info displayed on the resort’s boards – for example at the Cartoon Slalom

Please note that the Terrain Park has its own rules.

Feinste Carvingschwünge im Skigebiet Hochficht ins Tal ziehen.
Spaß für die ganze Familie ist im Skigebiet Hochficht garantiert.  | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.
ski course for kids and easy ski slopes | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.
Die letzte Talabfahrt im Skigebiet Hochficht in vollen Zügen genießen.  | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.
skiier on ski slope in Hochficht | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.
ski school for kids in Hochficht | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.
skiing on the slopes in Hochficht | © TVB Hochficht, Ablinger M.

Important Rules at Hochficht Ski Resort

Safety first for all our guests at Hochficht Ski Resort. Do you know the FIS rules of conduct? No? Then it’s high time! Read them now and observe these rules when skiing Hochficht!

Official FIS rules of conduct

1. Respect for Others
Be aware of all skiers around you and do not endanger them. The term ski includes all ski-like equipment, such as big foot, short carver, snowboard, snow bike ….

2. Control Of SpeedEvery skier must adapt their speed to the visibility, to their personal skill levels, to terrain, snow and weather conditions, and to the "traffic" on the pistes.

3. Choice of Route
Skiers approaching from behind must choose the route in such a way so not to endanger the skier ahead.

4. Overtaking
Overtaking is allowed from above, below and from the right or the left provided there is plenty of space for the overtaken skier to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.

5. Entering, Setting Off  
Every skier who plans to enter the piste, or re-enter the piste after having stopped, must first check above and below them to ensure that they can do so without causing danger to others.

6. Stopping
Unless absolutely necessary, a skier must avoid stopping on the slope in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. After a fall in such a place, a skier must move clear of the slope as soon as possible.

7. Ascending and Descending
Skiers ascending or descending by foot must use the edge of the slope.

8. Respecting Signs and Markings
Every skier has to observe signs and markings.

9. Assisting at Accidents
Every skier has to assist at accidents

10. ID
All those involved in an accident, including witnesses, have to exchange names and addresses.




Rules of Conduct at the Terrain Park

12 safety rules for snow fun

  1. You always use the terrain park at your own risk. The facility is designed for experienced winter athletes and the use is only permitted with suitable gear.
  2. Always observe the instructions of the park crew and the lift staff.
  3. It is not permitted to ski at the edge of the course.
  4. Jumps from the ramps before the obstacles are only permitted if you use the respective obstacle. Sideward jumps are not allowed!
  5.  Look at the obstacle carefully before riding on it and observe other riders. Thus, you will know how much speed you need for the jump.
  6.  Always adapt your speed to the current conditions (snow situation, weather etc.)
  7.  Check out easy elements first.
  8.  It is strictly prohibited to stay at the landing area! In case of a fall, clear the area as soon as possible as the following rider cannot see you!
  9.  Always keep a distance when approaching the elements – start only after the rider before has cleared the landing area.
  10.  Make sure that the landing area is clear before you approach the obstacle.
  11. If a rider cannot clear the area due to injuries it is in your responsibility to block the area with your skis, poles or snowboard, to inform the lift crew and to render first aid.
  12.  Always respect nature and other park riders. Always use dustbins to dispose of waste.



More tips for a successful ski day at Hochficht

You are now familiar with the safety regulations?

Well, then off you go! Novice or back after a long break: if you need practise do not hesitate to contact Hochficht ski school located directly at Skiarena. Clubs are invited to conduct trainings at the race courses. You still need the right gear for a perfect ski adventure: contact Intersport Rent ski rental.

Another tip: You want to keep track with your performance? No problem! Get the convenient iSki tracker.