Winter Hiking at Kasberg

Explore Kasberg on Winter Hiking Trails

Who says hiking is only possible in summer? There are so many reasons why to explore mountains also in the winter! Kasberg, in particular, boasts a winter wonderland!

Der Kasberg, das Familienjuwel im Almtal.
Waldness anstatt Wellness lautet das Motto bei Firmenverantstaltungen am Kasberg. | © Almtal-Bergbahnen
fun in fresh snow in ski area Kasberg | © Foto Erber
skitouring on different slopes in Kasberg | ©  Almtal-Bergbahnen

Beautiful winter hiking in Upper Austria

Exploring Almtal Step by Step

Snowy trees, bright sun and fresh air – that’s joie de vivre! And that’s winter hiking at Kasberg!

Winter hiking trails at Kasberg

Winter Hikes in Almtal

  • Length: 30-50 min to Hochberghaus
  • Start: Sonnalm at 1,273 m

Whether as alternative to skiing during your winter vacation, as destination for a day trip or just to breathe some mountain air, winter hiking at Kasberg is always the right choice!

This one-hour winter hike starts at Sonnalm (1,300 m a.s.l.). The hike runs past Brunos Kinderskiarena through forests to gondola valley station; then cross the ski run towards the reservoir and walk through the forest to Hochberghaus. 

At Hochberghaus you deserve a break: have a snack and enjoy the view!

Tip: Treat yourself to a traditional delicacy! Then take the gondola back to the valley.

Tips for winter hikes in Grünau

Perfectly Equipped!

  • Sturdy, waterproof shoes
  • Breathable, warm clothing and possible spare clothes
  • Sunglasses and cap
  • Hiking sticks
  • Mobile or camera for pictures

Five reasons for a winter hike

… feels like Hiking in Winter!

  • Reason 1: the quiet way to explore nature.
  • Reason 2: perfect for those who do not want to spend all day on skis.
  • Reason 3: Kasberg is the ideal winter hiking spot for families.
  • Reason 4: it is up to you: fast or relaxed, challenging or easy.
  • Reason 5: hiking in winter, fit all season.

Now you know why it’s worth going on a hiking trip in winter! Explore Grünau im Almtal by foot in winter!

By the way: Kasberg features three waymarked snowshoeing trails and guided snowshoe hikes.