A cosy seating area made of wood invites guests on Wurbauerkogel to have a seat.
Your journey
to Adventure Mountain

Getting here & parking on Wurbauerkogel

Get to your destination completely stress-free!

Off we go to Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain – the perfect destination for families, school trips as well as group or club events! You’ve already booked your trip to Windischgarsten, and you can hardly contain your excitement? Get all the details and important information on how to get to Adventure Mountain. By car, train or bus – all roads lead to leisure-time joy! 

Route Planner

Heading straight for adventure!

How to get to Wurbauerkogel by car

Detailed information and directions

From Vienna: You’ll take the Westautobahn A1 motorway (in the direction of Salzburg) to Knoten Voralpenkreuz (road junction). From there, continue on the A9 motorway until you reach the exit “Roßleithen/Windischgarsten”! 

From Salzburg: Start your journey on the Westautobahn A1 motorway towards Linz, then merge onto the A9 motorway at Knoten Voralpenkreuz (road junction)! From there, you’ll reach the exit “Roßleithen/Windischgarsten” in no time. 

From Passau: Take the A8 motorway to Wels Nord/Voralpenkreuz, then continue on the A9 motorway to the exit “Roßleithen/Windischgarsten – and you’re almost there! 

Coming from all directions: After you left the motorway at the exit “Roßleithen/Windischgarsten”, you need to take a left turn after about 1.5 kilometres. As soon as you’ve passed the town sign of Windischgarsten, follow Linzer Straße and turn onto the main street after about half a kilometre! Now, all you have to do is follow the road and take another left turn onto Kühbergstraße after about 300 metres. 

How to get to Wurbauerkogel by bus

Because adventures are more fun when enjoyed as a group

For school groups, clubs or as a company event: Coming to Wurbauerkogel is easy and convenient for groups. No matter which direction you’re coming from, you’re bound to have some fun on the bus already – because you’ll hardly be able to contain your excitement for the Alpine Coaster or 3D archery

Parking options for busses: The car park right by Wurbauerkogel Adventure Mountain is small in size and very narrow for busses. They cannot turn there either. That’s why we kindly ask you to make use of the two car parks for busses (gravel car park between Penny market and playground). The starting point for Adventure Mountain is about 500 metres of walking distance from there. 

Additionally, busses have the option of directly driving up to the mountain station of Wurbauerkogel and park there. 

How to get to Wurbauerkogel by train

On the right track to Adventure Mountain

A stress-free journey to Windischgarsten with the whole family, school group or club? That’s easy thanks to a great train connection to Adventure Mountain. Windischgarsten train station is located only about 900 metres away from Wurbauerkogel. 

The exact train schedule as well as discounts for schools can be found here: