Two bikers dashing across a wooden banked curve  | © Dagmar Gressenbauer
Your adventure
on two wheels

Bikepark on Adventure Mountain

Limitless joy on two wheels

Beginner-friendly, diverse, and surprising: The Bikepark on Wurbauerkogel in the Pyhrn-Priel region is bound to leave you thrilled. On two wheels, you’ll be swooshing down four mountain bike trails in various levels of difficulty. And for your well-deserved break in-between, you can chill out on the sundeck of the Pyhrn-Priel Bikecenter or have a bite to eat at the cosy mountain restaurant

To get to the starting point for the Bikepark, you can take the chairlift onto Wurbauerkogel. Just get in, and soon you’ll be dashing down the trails! That’s bike fun at its best!

A family with a child on the single track on Wurbauerkogel | © Michael Steiner
A biker on the single trail in the forest on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Michael Steiner
Two bikers dashing down the single trail on Wurbauerkogel.  | © Roland Haschka
A biker during a competition on the pump track on Wurbauerkogel | © Marc Schwarz Photography
A group of little bikers  | © Marc Schwarz Photography
Biker on the downhill trail during an event.  | © Marc Schwarz Photography
Biker on the downhill trail in the forest  | © Marc Schwarz Photography

The Bikepark at a glance

  • four trails for plenty of thrills at the Bikepark:
    • Blue Lollipop: beginner trail for flow addicts 
    • Big Red: for advanced riders – boasts several cool features and obstacles 
    • Red Root Carpet: for bike pros because of several challenging technical passages
    • Black Widow: the trail on which the country’s best riders show off their skills 
  • trails suitable for e-bikes and MTB routes that can be conquered without too much difficulty 
  • Pyhrn-Priel Bikecenter including bike rental 
  • pump track right by Wurbauerkogel’s valley station
  • starting point: Wurbauerkogel valley station 
  • ascent by chairlift including bike transport 
  • Gravity Card: one ticket and limitless bike fun in 6 countries 

The Bikepark trails

4 routes for every level of skill

Testing a new trail every time you visit the Pyhrn-Priel region? That’s just what you can do on Wurbauerkogel – thanks to four diverse routes at the Bikepark. It doesn’t matter which level of skill you’re at, whether you prefer to ride uphill or downhill or on flat terrain: Everyone will find the right trail to challenge themselves at the Bikepark. 

The Blue Lollipop

a highlight for beginners

The Blue Lollipop boasts banked turns and rollers easy enough for every beginner to master them. Riding fun clearly takes centre stage on this route, which gently guides you through the relatively flat terrain. You don’t feel quite ready to tackle roots and rocks yet? No worries! You won’t find those on this route – it’s coated in weather-proof crusher dust all the way through. 

The Big Red and the Red Root Carpet

must dos for advanced riders

Features like tables, steps, a wall ride and a north shore drop make this an action-packed route for tons of riding fun. Natural or artificial obstacles: Both routes are superb challenges for advanced riders. 

The Black Widow

for downhill pros

The country’s best downhill riders show off their skills on this trail. Steep passages leading you over rocks and roots as well as two-metre drops are bound to make both riders and everyone watching gasp with amazement. You’d like to find out what you’re capable of on this trail? Experienced guides are happy to help you conquer the Black Widow. 

By the way: For yet another adrenaline rush, you might want to visit the neighbouring Wurzeralm. It boasts a five-kilometre single track that makes riders’ hearts beat faster! 

Pyhrn-Priel Bikecenter

Service at its best

At the Bikecenter, riders can get everything they could possibly need – including hands-on support. Because in the Pyhrn-Priel region, great service and high quality are our top priorities. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced rider, or pro: You’ll get competent support and helpful tips from our experts on site. In addition to receiving qualified customer support, you can also rent a suitable bike at the Pyhrn-Priel Bikecenter. Standard bike, mountain bike, or e-bike: You’ll be impressed by the selection of the latest bike models at the Bikecenter.

Other amenities: To round off this full-service package, all Bikepark visitors benefit from … 

  • … a bike wash 
  • … a pump track as practice course
  • … changing rooms with showers 
  • … a comfortable sundeck to relax on 
  • … plenty of scenic views of the Totes Gebirge range and the surrounding mountains

Bikepark Wurbauerkogel
Phone: +43 3687 24100-40 


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Wurbauerkogel Bike Park is operated by Touristische Freizeiteinrichtungen Pyhrn-Priel GmbH, Terms of use of Wurbauerkogel Bike Park shall apply.